AberOlivas was founded on two principles. To forge notoriously comfortable clothing with positive and arresting messaging that speaks directly to what matters in life, and with like enterprise, give generously to those in need.

As a small designer within a vast market of clothing design companies we realized our products needed to be memorable. So we print our designs on the finest shirts. We believe we hit the mark on three necessary features: comfort, affordability, and longevity.

Did someone say, where's the store? They did... I heard it!

About us personally: Two guys (Abercrombie and Olivas) who met through work and realized we had similar loves, like making each other laugh, finding ways to encourage others, and being honest about what's important in life.

Within minuets we recognized our mutual passion for sharing the awesome news of Jesus' work of redemption. And from there we started a business that would help us deliver God's message in a loving way. Clothing seem the perfect medium - who doesn't want to read the other guys t-shirt?

Our hope is that you too will fall in love with all our products and brands (AO Art, For God So, and Avid Rival). All our work is a ministry of exposing others, who may have never heard of the "God of Love" and His desire for them to know Him personally. So, let's wear God's message that others may come to faith.

More: If you wish to know more about us please feel free to write us at: life@aberolivas.com

If you have ideas to help us better serve you or would like us to custom design a positive message or logo please let us know. Just go to "contact us" and tell us what you have in mind.

Though we reserve the right to refuse any job based on its content, we look forward to developing an art piece or idea just for you.





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